Whether you’re planning a renovation or simply need routine maintenance on your home or business’ plumbing or gas systems, our team of professional plumbers and gasfitters can help.

If you’re looking for professional, certified and reliable plumbing or gas help in the Auckland region, you can rely on the plumbing expertise of Total Plumbing. We offer a wide range of commercial and private plumbing and gas solutions.

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Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance Services in Auckland

At Total Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing quality advice and workmanship. Reliability is important to us and we arrive when we say we will. We are dedicated, professional and most importantly listen to our client’s needs and wants. We can help you avoid unnecessary ongoing costs as our plumbers will resolve the cause of your plumbing problem instead of simply treating the symptoms.

Total Plumbing offers a 24-hour callout service for all those emergency jobs.

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Drain Laying in Auckland

At Total Plumbing we have highly skilled and qualified Drainlayers Auckland. We specialise in residential and commercial drainage. All our drainage is safe and up to industry standards. We offer extensive knowledge and understanding of new installations, repairs and maintenance work.

We have the knowledge, equipment, heavy machinery and trucks required to provide a complete drainlaying service without using sub-contractors. Our Auckland based drainlayers are qualified, certified drain layers and we have skilled digger drivers that aren’t time wasters.

The good thing with using Total Plumbing is our plumbers. We can save you time and stress with fast efficient service because we do both the drainage and the plumbing – saves time and hassle – one contractor to do the complete job.


Blocked Drains in Auckland

Do you need new installation, maintenance or repair work for your stormwater drainage, downpipes and drains? Call on the services of professional and qualified drain layers for all your drainage solutions Auckland. No matter where you live in the Auckland area, your residential or commercial property drainage solutions will be taken care of in an efficient and expert manner.

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IQP Backflow Testing in Auckland

Total Plumbing provides expert advice and servicing for your backflow prevention testing and installation requirements. This includes the installation of various backflow prevention devices, servicing clients right across the Auckland region. We also provide regular testing of your backflow prevention device to ensure that it is maintained to required standards and continue to operate effectively.

Backflow prevention devices ensure that our water supply is not contaminated by pollutants that may enter the water supply. These devices prevent the water from flowing back into the water main pipes.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to learn more about our backflow prevention services.


Commercial Plumbing In Auckland

Experienced & Reliable Auckland Commercial Plumbers Auckland. Total Plumbing has been providing reliable expert service to commercial businesses in Auckland. With our knowledge, we design, install, service & maintain all types of plumbing. Total Plumbing offers commercial plumbing & maintenance services to large commercial & industrial buildings.

Our highly qualified and experienced technicians take the stress out of maintenance and repairs. We specialise in residential and commercial plumbing, gasfitting & drain laying services. Because we offer a range of services to cater for all your plumbing needs, you can feel confident in using us!


Residential Plumbers In Auckland

Total Plumbing offers plumbing services all over Auckland. Our services include residential and commercial plumbing design, installation, repairs, and many more.

We can work on jobs both big and small. We offer a wide variety of services regardless of the size and type of job. When designing a new building, our team can help you to design the layout of the plumbing. This will include drainage and piping for both wastewater and sewerage and any other plumbing design requirements. Our experienced plumber can also help with remodelling and renovations. But that’s not all. We are also well trained to handle plumbing emergencies, repairs and maintenance.

You are one call away from ordering the services of the best residential plumbers in Auckland. We use high-quality products, the latest technology, industry best practices to complete all tasks at hand. Irrespective of the complexity of the job, we deliver satisfactory results and leave the property spotlessly cleaned.


Water Tank & Roof Leak Repair Auckland

You don’t have to wait until you get a large water bill to know you have a leak. You can check your water meter to see if the dial is turning when no water is being used – this usually indicates a leak.

We can locate and repair your water main leaks. We use leak detection equipment to literally listen to the ground to hear the leak. Once we find it we can dig and repair.

What to do if you suspect a water leak?

The most important step, shut down the water to prevent further damage and get the experts out. We can provide documentation to help with your insurance claim, as well as giving the best advice to get the water leak problem resolved as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a Plumber to fix Water Leakage in Auckland? Call Total Plumbing and Drainage team on 0800 875 862.


Hot Water Cylinder Repair & Installation Auckland

No hot water? Hot water cylinder leaking? New Gas Water heater?
Call the experts for hot water cylinder repairs in Auckland.

If your problem begins with hot water and ends in a cold shower we can help. We are experts in installation, supply and repair of hot water cylinders for domestic, commercial, dairy and marine applications throughout Auckland.

At Total Plumbing, we have a trained team of water heating professionals who keep up with the latest in water heating trends and technology so regardless of how simple or complex your water heating requirements are, we can put together a system to meet the demanding needs of your modern-day family.

Having spent years helping clients in the domestic and commercial sector, we have gained an enviable reputation in the industry. We dedicate this achievement to our team of qualified professionals who are dedicated and committed to providing our clients with affordable plumbing services. Along with using the latest equipment and industry best practices, we handle hot water cylinder repairs and hot water cylinder installations efficiently.

For all your hot water cylinder needs in Auckland, trust none other than Total Plumbing. Our skilled hot water plumbers perform all scheduled repairs and maintenance at highly affordable rates. They provide top-quality maintenance services for your hot water cylinders during a repair visit.

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